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We believe that membership in the Wisconsin Airsoft Association is an investment in the future of the Airsoft hobby in Wisconsin. Membership dues will be used to conduct safety research, improve playing areas, and provide event insurance so that skirmishes can be as excellent as we all know they could be. Membership is available to any player of 15 years or older.

The membership, at the 2008 annual meeting, voted for a sweeping change in the manner that members are to be processed. The new method of acceptance for membership consideration is to have a current member vouch for your ability to play honorably and with safety in mind. This may sound like a very limiting way to promote the WAA, but it is important to have the membership of the WAA be playing with the highest honor and with the utmost safety. To continue to promote this type of game play it is important to make sure that the association is proactive in these fields.

There is also a second layer of membership that is available to the public. This is 'Forum' Membership, it is an non-voting membership that allows for the individual to access the full forums and all sections that are not limited to councils and voting. This membership is greatly reduced from the full voting membership and should be considered if you are under the age minimum or if you wish to be a greater participant in the community. The 'Forum' membership is $5 per year, and will give 12 months of access.

In the forums, after you register, under your 'User CP' there will be a 'Paid Subscriptions' option. Here is where you will find the WAA Forums Subscription option.

Other methods of payment can be arranged if needed, including Personal Check, and Money Order. Please contact us at to arrange your membership.

For additional information regarding membership, please refer to Article III of the WAA Bylaws.

Becoming A WAA Member Team

Any team of at least 4 people that has at least 2 members in the WAA is considered a WAA Member Team. Although it is the WAA's goal to strengthen Airsoft throughout Wisconsin and the US, we recognize that it is the individual teams who continue to promote Airsoft in their local area.

Each Member Team is able to designate a single team representative who resides on the WAA Executive Council that participates in the functioning of the WAA.

For additional information regarding Member Teams, feel free to contact a WAA officer.

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