Just tossing this out here, and on the KWA forums. I own a MK2, and roughly since owning it I've had an issue with the gas pin (more specifically the mechanism of parts 75, 34, and 35 AKA the impact hammer assembly AKA the firing pin for the magazine gas release).

Here's a crummy quality photograph looking down at the inner frame, magazine top is in the direction of the line arrow, and faces the solid arrow:

Another view, from the bottom with the thing dangling:

Problem is, that pin is free to rotate upwards, and when the gun is fired, it doesn't project down with enough force on the magazine to release the gas. This mainly tends to be a problem when the slide is racked (bringing the assembly back towards the hammer) and a fresh mag is put in.

Wondering if anyone with the expertise and means to can shoot me either an explanation or some photos of how this assembly should look when working. If I were to solder the piece facing down I'd imagine it might work, but I'd rather not melt/damage anything if I can just get it running correctly. Also, is the spring next to the impact hammer supposed to create tension to keep the I-hammer facing down? It doesn't have any visible function to me.